November 9

The Royal Flush in Waco, Texas. My favorite time with my family.

My family and I adore going on road trips, and last summer, we took our biggest one yet.  It was a month long, and it stretched from California, through the South, into Florida, and up the East coast.  Possibly my favorite part of it was one of our many stops in Texas, the Royal Flush, in Waco.  This was a set of three MASSIVE water slides, that each had a lip at the bottom that would launch you into a lake.  I can’t decide which one I liked better, the one that launches one far out into the lake, or the one that shoots you off of the slide high into the air, making you plop down into the water, with a splash that would send the average cannonball to shame.  The pain of landing on the water didn’t even come close to superseding the addictive exhilaration of being catapulted through the air at high speeds, and the satisfying smack of your life jacket colliding with the surface of the water.  My family and I just couldn’t stop, we loved the slides, and I finally got my mom, who’s afraid of absolutely everything, to go down the biggest slide there.  It was easily one of the highlights of our trip, and I hope never to forget it.

The Royal Flush Creative Commons

The Royal Flush
Creative Commons

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